Natasha Khan

A User made a post on Cryptocurrency Pakistan Facebook group where he got scammed for $32K USDT and after that a profile with name Natasha Khan [] sent message in his inbox asking him that don’t worry with little money you can get everything back. and later on sent a message on his WhatsApp number saying “someone from the team will contact”. After some time WhatsApp message from this number was received : +966592084275 [Scammer WhatsAPp]

Scammers have no scam and don’t even leave people who have already been scammed.

As stated everywhere, treat anyone who inboxes you as a SCAMMER.

Please go through Intro Guide and do not deal with random people online. All details are gathered through Open source data and reports shared by various members in CCP. And install the Crypto Awaz Android App so you can search about such scammers and other FAQs right from your mobile.

If you know of a scammer, please share the details with us so that we may publish it online, this way such scammers can be easily caught.

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