I am new to Crypto, What should I do ?

You are still early and you should be happy about that. Read the steps so you get acquainted and you know where to look for information and what sort of scams you should stay away from.

Asking for help in Inbox / DM is a bad and harmful habit. If someone can not help you publicly, consider him a scammer !!!

1. Please go through group Description especially these links :
= What is Cryptocurrency [Video]
= Cryptocurrency Guide for Starters [Article]

2. Install Crypto Awaz android App to stay informed and for getting Airdrops / Giveaways
Android App

3. Anyone messaging you should be taken as a scammer

4. DO NOT ask for coin investment without watching the intro video and guide given at #1

5. Read various guides given in Guides section and also go through featured posts
= Guides
= Featured

6. Once you have consumed the above , you can join Crypto Awaz Discord Server to get daily market updates and trading signals on which coin to buy / hold or sell

7. Lastly don’t rush into it , you are still early and don’t think kay aj na invest kia to bus kuch nahi ho sakta phir

8. There are some very helpful FAQs in the app mentioned at #2 , which will get your doubts cleared

Hope it HELPS !!! If you don’t want to read /watch videos then you won’t be able to understand what you are doing and will always be at the mercy of others

9. IF AND WHEN you are ready to take a step ahead you can always see Crypto Awaz Marketplace for some paid courses and Signal provider services, BUT do it when you understand what you are getting your self into and while everything is available for free, paid services make it easy at times … You can always ask your queries on the biggest cryptocurrency community of Pakistan

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