What to do if my Bank Account is blocked after p2p deal ?

These days this issue is very common that when we sell crypto to a p2p buyer our bank accounts get blocked or the received payments are blocked. I also faced this issue last month but got it resolved within 1 month.

Keep in mind there is no FIA involved in this matter, only p2p counter party cheats with you and they call their banks to block the sent amount after receiving USDT.

All you have to do is be careful in this regards and avoid third party payments. Moreover must take mobile number and CNIC of buyer before releasing assets.

If your account gets block no need to worry about that and simply put pressure on your bank to activate your account. If bank delays unnecessarily give them a written notice to activate the account or payment. In written notice mention to the bank that you will take legal action against bank if issue is not resolved shortly.

No payment can be reversed if you have received them in your bank account and scammers got nothing in the end. They just claim to the bank that someone hacked their account and withdrew the amount. So all p2p traders need to be careful in this regard.

Keep in mind FIA is not involved to trace your bank transactions. They only get involved in fraud cases when someone makes a complaint with them with valid and solid prove.

This post has been extracted from a post tagged as guide in “Legal Aspects” on Cryptocurrency Pakistan Facebook Group

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