NFT Scam – Crypto Bullets 2.0 – Jake

A user made this Post in Cryptocurrency Pakistan Facebook group explaining how he got scammed for $400. There are multiple such posts in the group already The NFT Scam The scam is not new and it works that scammers mint a NFT for few dollars and tell unaware users on […]

Do I Pay Zakat on Cryptocurrency ?

Yes. You do pay zakat on your cryptocurrency if it’s priced higher then 87.48 grams (7.5 tola) of gold and 612.36 grams (52.5 tola) of silver, and held for 12 months. Take the value of your Crypto and convert it to gold. If your crypto wallet’s value is more than […]

How to Connect VPN if it’s Banned ?

Pakistan has seen a brutal internet censorship where crypto enthusiasts have felt the brunt. Telegram has been banned since ages recently Twitter / X got banned too. X is a popular source of finding updated and relevant information and with that blocked, things became problematic. While VPN may be a […]

What are Iceberg Orders ?

Iceberg Order: Stealthy Execution of Large Trades An Iceberg order is a type of advanced order designed to gradually execute a large order for buying or selling a cryptocurrency in smaller, predefined quantities. This strategy aims to minimize the impact on the market price and potentially improve trading efficiency while […]

What is Copy Trading ?

In the world of cryptocurrency, copy trading allows you to replicate the trades of other, often more experienced, traders. It’s like following a mentor who automatically mirrors their actions in your own account. Here’s the breakdown: How it works: Benefits: Downsides: Things to remember: Copy trading can be a valuable […]

Farooq Khan – Binance Crypto Pakistan

Alias Farooq Khan is currently running a Facebook group Binance Crypto Pakistan with over 230K members. The group is public and it’s filled with spam links but digging through the group it becomes evident that it’s a scam group. Farooq Khan takes money for investment and scams people by blocking […]

Natasha Khan

A User made a post on Cryptocurrency Pakistan Facebook group where he got scammed for $32K USDT and after that a profile with name Natasha Khan [] sent message in his inbox asking him that don’t worry with little money you can get everything back. and later on sent a […]

Burhan Aftab

Burhan Aftab took crypto from people and asked to invest on profit sharing bases and later on started ghosting them. One such report was shared by Ahmad Talha , who is a CCP Member. will be sharing various conversation where he was given USDT worth Rs 52,000 on 13th April […]

Wajhee Bin Nasir a.k.a Professor – GMC

In this post we will cover the scam which is done by Professor how he has been delaying it and what all information we have against professor. SCAM DETAILS GMC Products on Crypto Awaz GMC products were listed on CA marketplace (which were taken down when Mr M first revealed […]