What is Hedge Mode ?

Hedge mode is a trading strategy used by futures traders to manage their risk exposure in the market. Here’s how it works: Example of Hedge Mode Suppose Ahmed Imran is trading BTC/USDT pairs in the Binance Futures market, using the Hedge Mode preference. Assuming he opens a 10 BTC long position […]

Safest Way of Buying/Selling Face to Face ?

What is the best way of buying / selling cryptocurrency face to face (F2F)?How to do a Face to Face(F2F) Deal?Measures to take while conducting a Face to Face deal People dabbling in crypto are familiar with P2P – peer to peer. In P2P two parties connect and perform a […]

What is Liquidity ?

The term “liquidity” (from Latin liquidus “liquid, flowing”) means the property of assets that easily “flow” from hand to hand while maintaining a value close to the market value. Such assets are called liquid. Cryptocurrency liquidity is the ability of a cryptocurrency to be exchanged quickly in the market at […]

Muskan Fatima / Pro Crypto Signals / PAK CRYPTO ARMY

Just an ordinary scammer running an account management scam, inboxing group members and giving fake evidence and fake claims of instant profits … Claims to be in crypto for 5 years and still has no actual evidence of people making anything out of it. Sharing details here so that they […]

Price Will Go Down When Token Unlock Occurs ?

A member asked a query in CCP, that what happens to the price after a token unlock event, let’s dwell on that . When we check the tokenomics of this or that project, we often see that there are different unlocks/vesting periods. Big unlocks often create volatility in the market, […]

FIA Notice Received after Crypto P2P Deal

What to do if you have received FIA notice after doing crypto P2P deal ? While no one knows the exact answer to this , but after going through various discussions in CCP there are two conditions due to which people receive FIA Notice. If your bank account has been […]

Can I Sell My Binance Account to Someone ?

This question also answers : So, should you sell your account ? – The answer is NO. Apart from the fact that it is against the terms and conditions of every crypto exchange, selling accounts not just puts you at risk but you also become part of promoting a scam. […]

How to Withdraw Funds from a Fake Website ?

It’s very common to come across , fake websites which show high amount of crypto in your online wallet. These websites are fake and they lure in new people by giving you profits which are not REAL. Such websites ask you to pay money to withdraw funds and call them […]

NFT Scam – Crypto Bullets 2.0 – Jake

A user made this Post in Cryptocurrency Pakistan Facebook group explaining how he got scammed for $400. There are multiple such posts in the group already The NFT Scam The scam is not new and it works that scammers mint a NFT for few dollars and tell unaware users on […]