FIA Notice Received after Crypto P2P Deal

What to do if you have received FIA notice after doing crypto P2P deal ?

While no one knows the exact answer to this , but after going through various discussions in CCP there are two conditions due to which people receive FIA Notice. If your bank account has been blocked by the Bank you may wanna see this FAQ Post.

Conditions which lead to FIA Notice

  • 1st Condition is when the money has been transacted with an account which is flagged due to money laundering etc, as discussed here. When you receive money from such account you get flagged too which can lead to a FIA notice.
  • 2nd Condition due to which you may receive a FIA notice is when your account is blocked due to a charge back scam as discussed here. A video explaining experience of an individual visiting FIA office is shared below. You will be shocked to listen to what I have shared. It is pertinent to mention that not all charge back scams result in an FIA notice.

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