Burhan Aftab

Burhan Aftab took crypto from people and asked to invest on profit sharing bases and later on started ghosting them. One such report was shared by Ahmad Talha , who is a CCP Member. will be sharing various conversation where he was given USDT worth Rs 52,000 on 13th April 2023.

As Burhan Aftab was an old member of Cryptocurrency Pakistan Facebook Group, Niazai Khan also asked him about returning the crypto which was owed to Mr Ahmad.

he asked for more time and delays which meant only one thing that BURHAN AFTAB is a SCAMMER. Scammer also gave out cheque which always bounced or couldn’t be honoured but that too after sharing a very lame excuse that he can’t find his cheque book 🤦🏽.

While victim wasn’t interested in taking a legal action based on the fact that such procedures can be more of a hassle then a solution and wanted this to be resolved in the cordial environment, something which wasn’t happening aswell.

Audio messages of the victim sent to Niazai Khan on 25th May 2023

Uptil July 2023 , he was active while sharing lame excuses like

Ahmed 🙏🏻 1 2 din lg jay3ngy me shrmnda hb or bht shrmnda hn. Mere sth samny wala clear bat nh krta mjhy jese update ati h me tjhy bta deta hn jani. Agar tu 2 din ruk skta hai to thk h jani wrna mujrim to bn chuka hb me time uper ho gy h kafu mjhy ahsaas h

🙏🏻 meri jan tu bs bhrosa rkh me khud bht shrmbdgi me hn or dukh me hn k yr tu pata nh kia soch rha hoga k yr kesa insaan hai time pe time time pe time mang rha Bs inshAhAllag jese hi pese aaty me tjhy send krta

ahmad aj jumma hai sunday tk inshahALLAH kam ho jayga monday ko tujhy me khud keh rha hn k FIR ktwa de cheque per

– Burhan Aftab a.k.a Scammer

In the end he didn’t return the money , so it’s time to make what all information we have public thus it will end up biting him somewhere in life …

Scammer Details

  • Name : Burhan Aftab
  • Cell / WhatsApp : 03201334544 / 03042057710
  • Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/burhanaftabofficial
  • Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/getjobswithburhan
  • Twitter : https://twitter.com/burhanaftabpk/
  • Twitter Old : https://twitter.com/burhanaftab5
  • Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/burhanaftabofficial
  • LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/burhanaftabofficial/
  • Premium Chat : https://premium.chat/burhanaftabofficial (So that you can pay to chat with the scammer, guess only legit thing he ever did)

Work Details – He did not mention “Scammer” on his work experience, But I guess others will do that for him.

  • Maryam BTK Associates (CEO is Shahzaib Ali)
  • Hybrid Support Specialist (VP Pakistan Business Operations Mateen Mughal)
  • Freelance Recruiter (Self employed to find jobs for others, imagine how good a scammer can find you a job?)
  • Freelance Recruiter WhatsApp Link is https://chat.whatsapp.com/Gfxvl3ilQLT2iXy8jFk557
  • Both numbers mentioned above are active and are Admin on community linked groups

Scammer Burhan Aftab Images

Please go through Intro Guide and do not deal with random people online. All details are gathered through Open source data and reports shared by various members in CCP. And install the Crypto Awaz Android App so you can search about such scammers and other FAQs right from your mobile.

If you know of a scammer, please share the details with us so that we may publish it online, this way such scammers can be easily caught.

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