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A user made this Post in Cryptocurrency Pakistan Facebook group explaining how he got scammed for $400. There are multiple such posts in the group already

The NFT Scam

The scam is not new and it works that scammers mint a NFT for few dollars and tell unaware users on how you can buy it now for cheap and then sell it for 100x profit. When the victim buy that NFT the scammers ghost them and the victim is sitting on a useless NFT which has no value whatsoever.

Details: Scammers will find a low priced ($5 or so )NFT on Binance NFT Marketplace and find a victim and tell them to buy this as the price will go up for this NFT, and as they are luring in the victim they will buy the same NFT from another account which is priced higher , and tell the victim see I told you to buy the NFT as it’s priced higher at the moment, the victim will FOMO and and the new buyer of NFT will list the NFT at higher price. Scammer will tell victim to buy it before it’s get more high and that’s how the scam completes. As you can see image below, scammers bought NFT for 4.58 USDT and then bought from another profile for 50 USDT and then sold to victim for 200 USDT. You can see the Pattern yourself on Binance NFT Marketplace here.

The Facebook Profile currently promoting this scam is named Arzu Ayesha but it can be a fake name so no leads there. 

Scammer Details

Facebook Name : Arzu Ayesha
Facebook Profile : [Salma shah ?]
Telegram: Crypto Bullets 2.0 []
Telegram Profile : [Jake]
Binance Pay ID : 536148495

Have already shared a comprehensive video explaining about NFT’s and covering similar scams.

Please go through Intro Guide and do not deal with random people online. All details are gathered through Open source data and reports shared by various members in CCP.

If you know of a scammer, please share the details with us so that we may publish it online, this way such scammers can be easily caught.

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