Muskan Fatima / Pro Crypto Signals / PAK CRYPTO ARMY

Just an ordinary scammer running an account management scam, inboxing group members and giving fake evidence and fake claims of instant profits … Claims to be in crypto for 5 years and still has no actual evidence of people making anything out of it. Sharing details here so that they may be indexed and might save someone one day.


Alias : Muskan Fatima
WhatsApp Number : 03302020662
Facebook Profile :
Facebook Group :
WhatsApp Group : PAK CRYPTO ARMY

Please go through Intro Guide and do not deal with random people online. All details are gathered through Open source data and reports shared by various members in CCP.

If you know of a scammer, please share the details with us so that we may publish it online, this way such scammers can be easily caught.

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