What is Packet Investment Strategy

Packet Investment Strategy (PIS) is local name given by Niazai Khan in Cryptocurrency Pakistan Group, while the concept is same like Dollar Cost Average (DCA). So this FAQ answers :
What is Packet Investment Strategy (PIS)
What is Dollar Cost Average (DCA)

Not everyone can join the ship at the right time, what about the individuals who are late in the game ? should they sit that out ?

Always Invest what you can afford to lose

– Niazai Khan 😂

This is not financial advise but I have done this myself in the early days and this minimizes the risks which a “correction” has


  • Divide your planned investment amount in 4 packets
  • Invest Packet 1 at your desired entry and wait for any correction or follow Technical Analysis shared in this group or at TradingView website
  • Invest Packet 2 after 7- 20 days … depending how volatile the market is and keep on investing subsequent Packet 3 and Packet 4
  • Benefit of this packet investment is that if your packet 1 investment is at higher price and your packet 2 or 3 is at lower entry price, the recovery profit of packet 2 and 3 etc will recover the losses of packet 1
  • If Packet 4 > Packet 3 >Packet 2 > Packet 1 (in terms of profit), while your packet 1 reaches till packet 3 level you already have made some profits
  • It is very possible that you invest and price goes down, that is the reason of a 20 day delay to play safe. Let say you invested Packet 1 and 2 at higher price and prices starts falling, Invest packet 3 and 4 when you see the correction has met it’s support. this way gains from packet 3 and 4 will recover your losses of packet 1 and 2 as per this scenario so If any correction happens your later investment will save your loss of first investment …

No plan can save you if you invest at ATH and the prices fall like crazy, but ensuring that your entry points are played smartly you can also minimize the damages and once you secure profit of certain packets it is wise to consolidate the gains by converting the asset in some pegged coin (USDT etc)Lastly , I have shared some Crypto Trading Guide which I do not know if you have read but it’s good starting place (Mentioned under the How to do Day Trading section of answer)In the end it’s all about how you play things out, being greedy is the biggest reason of losses …

Disclaimer : I ain’t a financial adviser so yeah !!! secondly it’s not a copied post rather my own writeup so do share the concept but do mention the kind and humble group we have here 🙂

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