Can I Spend Crypto Like Cash/Fiat ?

YES !!!!

A big hurdle with crypto has always been the lack of medium where we can use our crypto funds to make fiat payments on online stores or even withdraw money through ATMs. Another issue we face are the tax / fee while doing online transactions, but say no more to that and read on.

With ReDotPay you can use your Crypto assets and get a Virtual or Physical prepaid credit card which you can use at stores or online to make every day payments. Another advantage of using this card in Pakistan is that it will not have unnecessary taxes like WHT, International Transaction fee etc.

Use Crypto Like Fiat in Credit Card

  • Setup your account, register through Crypto Awaz Referral Link to get 3-10 Reward Points (1reward = 1 usdt)
  • While ordering your card use promocode :
    • CryptoAwaz‘ to get a 20% discount on Virtual Card
    • CryptoAwaz20‘ to get a 20% discount on Physical Card

Freelancers and traders who earn through crypto face a big problem of selling their assets using p2p which is a nuisance in Pakistan and elsewhere with issues like bank blocks etc, This product greatly help users while making it convenient and fast in using crypto to make payments anywhere a credit card is accepted. While it is imperative to mention that virtual / physical card is VISA card and has it’s own standard fee structure which you can read here

Paying in Shop with Crypto

Check out this video shared by Crypto Awaz member where he is using his crypto funds to pay at an POS machine

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