How to Connect VPN if it’s Banned ?

Pakistan has seen a brutal internet censorship where crypto enthusiasts have felt the brunt. Telegram has been banned since ages recently Twitter / X got banned too. X is a popular source of finding updated and relevant information and with that blocked, things became problematic. While VPN may be a good way of keeping yourself secure it is also a way of bypassing censorship.

This FAQ will explain how to connect NordVPN (which I personally use) even if you are unable to login to your VPN application account. You can use NordVPN referral link to get 3 months for free although this FAQ should work for any VPN you use if they provide OpenVPN support which is provided by all good VPN products. Let’s Proceed

Guide – Bypass VPN Block in Pakistan

  • Step 3 : Once the application is installed, download the NordVPN server configuration files. The OpenVPN app uses them to connect to specific NordVPN servers.server_pick.png
  • Step 4 : The OpenVPN application will start running in the system tray once installed, if not run it , which is the notification area next to your device’s clock:


    It might also be in the hidden system tray area:

  • Step 5 : Right-click on the application icon and click on “Import File” then select the downloaded configuration files
  • Step 6 : Hover over one of the servers which you imported above, and click “Connect.”
  • Step 7 : Enter your NordVPN service username and password, then click “OK.”


    You can find your NordVPN service credentials (service username and service password) in the Nord Account dashboard:
    1. Click Set up NordVPN manually.

    2. You will receive a verification code in your email that you use for NordVPN services. Type the code in: 

    3. Copy the credentials using the “Copy” buttons on the right:


In a few seconds, the application will connect and close the window. The system tray icon will turn green and show your connection status when you hover over it. And that’s it! You should be successfully connected. To disconnect, right-click on the application icon, hover over the server, and click “Disconnect.”


Once connected you can now Open NordVPN App to login to the app or continue using NordVPN or any other VPN service which you use.

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