How to Participate in NFT WL/Mint Giveaway

How to Get NFT Degen Role in Crypto Awaz Discord Server ?

Crypto Awaz Discord DAO gives out WL for those active in the community by collaborating with various NFT projects, and all those who meet a certain criteria can participate in dedicated #mint channel.

Crypto Awaz Discord NFT WL Winners

Some WL giveaways may only require you to have NFT role , which you can auto-subscribe by going to #self-roles channel in discord.

Self Role to get NFT Role in Crypto Awaz DAO

Other limited spots may be reserved by the esteemed and active community members, those who hold NFT Degen role, which can only be obtained if :

  • You have NFT role
  • 3.33 hrs since you joined server
  • 30 messages per day in #nft-chat channel


Role will be auto removed if you do not meet any of the above mentioned criteria or if you remove NFT Role through #self-roles

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