Is Binance Flexible Savings Halal or Haram

It is currently not clear that for what purpose our funds are used when we deposit funds for “Flexible Savings”. If the funds are used to provide liquidity for margin / futures then it is Haram. But if the same funds are used to provide Liquidity to the exchange including Spot trades i.e. Market Makers, enabling the exchange to fill up their order books then Flexible Savings is Halal.

As binance does not provide this information and internet search does not return any info on the same therefore labelling something Haram is only done when proof of the same being haram is present as per the Islamic Laws. The burden of Proof lies with the person who calls it Haram. As stated in various articles that “It is Halal until and unless proven otherwise

You may go through Religious Matters Guide in Cryptocurrency Facebook Group for other similar topics and if you have more information on the topic please get in touch so this can be updated.

In the end Allah knows best and may we always follow the right way of making profits.

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