How to Withdraw Funds from a Fake Website ?

It’s very common to come across , fake websites which show high amount of crypto in your online wallet. These websites are fake and they lure in new people by giving you profits which are not REAL. Such websites ask you to pay money to withdraw funds and call them a processing fee, which is also part of scam. DO NOT PAY THEM ANYTHING as they will not pay you anything as it’s a scam. The video below explains how you can identify such websites.


Scam mining projects – how to find out ?#scam #blockchain #safety

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How to Identify SCAM Crypto Sites

The steps may vary but its very simple, as explained in the above video, just look for these red flags :

  • Bad website design
  • Bad website name or domain for instance, how can be real ?
  • Newly registered website
  • No social media accounts
  • No actual following on social media
  • No results about the project or website on the internet
  • No verifiable contact information

Their aim is to make you fall for your greed and connect your wallet with these scam website and when you do , it will empty your wallet as explained in Intro NFT video, if you have any question please ask on Crypto Awaz Socials or Cryptocurrency Pakistan Facebook Group.

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