How to Protect Your Crypto From DeFi Phishing Scams

These scams typically involve a phishing link to establish a “secure” connection to a DApp that is designed to steal user funds.  They may promise to get Insane ROI by keeping USDT in Trust Wallet and connecting to a dApp, sounds familiar ? It’s a scam

Steer clear of establishing connections with platforms or DApps you’ve never heard of before. Your best bet is to always stick with reputable applications with a proven track record of doing right by their users. 

Connecting your wallet to a random DApp — just because someone told you it could make you a millionaire — can lead to irreversible damage. Do your research, don’t click random links, and use common sense if you suspect any red flags. Be mindful of investment opportunities or projects touting high returns. Some fraudsters may advertise misleading returns like 3% daily, which amounts to over 1000% annualized returns. Such returns are unfeasible. 

Such sites are scams and what they do is that they get access of your wallet and then drain you wallet, Such interest based return sites can come in various sorts of name i.e. “Eth Mining Pool” , “BTC Mining Pool” or “USDT Mining Pool” etc. All such dApps / sites are meant to get access to your wallet and drain them, if someone has referred such a scheme to you, please don’t trust them anymore with your crypto related queries, either they have no understanding of the topic or they are scammers aswell.

I have covered all such scams in the Intro Video which anyone who is trying to enter crypto world should watch atleast once and be careful of crypto scams.
When in doubt, ask before taking the decision.

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