Can I Sell My Binance Account to Someone ?

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So, should you sell your account ? – The answer is NO.

Apart from the fact that it is against the terms and conditions of every crypto exchange, selling accounts not just puts you at risk but you also become part of promoting a scam.

Binance Account Buy Sell Scam

How People Scam with Such Accounts ?

  • Impersonation: They could impersonate you and trick others into sending them cryptocurrency.
  • Pump and Dump Scams: They could inflate the price of a cryptocurrency through fake activity and then sell it for a profit, leaving other investors with worthless coins.
  • Money Laundering: They could use your account to launder money from illegal activities. Such activities can put you at risk.
  • P2P Scams: An account KYC’d with your data would mean that if they do a P2P scam the account which will get banned will be yours and they will run away with money.

If you sell your account it means you are part of any scam which may happen in future.

Let’s discuss a scenario. A scammer buys an account from you. After buying the account they can open a p2p trade and buy USDT through p2p, after making the payment they can simply make a bank dispute and by the time the dispute happens, they will withdraw the USDT to an external wallet thus scamming someone by using your account, implying You have scammed.

Please go through Intro Guide and do not deal with random people online. All details are gathered through Open source data and reports shared by various members in CCP.

If you know of a scammer, please share the details with us so that we may publish it online, this way such scammers can be easily caught.

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