How to Revoke Contract Access to My Wallet ?

In the world of blockchain and crypto, understanding the functionalities of smart contracts is crucial. One vital aspect of maintaining control over your assets is the ability to revoke smart contract approvals. Let’s discuss how it can be done to stay safe in the crypto space. What Does Revoking Smart […]

How to start crypto trading?

Your Simple Guide to Getting Started Do you want to get into the world of crypto trading? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered with this quick and easy guide to help you kickstart your crypto trading journey! 1. Learn the Basics: Before you dive in, take some time to understand […]

Why am I muted or banned from the group?

If you are wondering why you got muted for a certain amount of days, this post could hold the explanations you’re seeking. At Cryptocurrency Pakistan, we strictly adhere to the group rules which you agreed to when joining. By checking the box, you acknowledged that any violation of these rules […]

What are the types of crypto exchanges?

In order to keep up with the fast-paced crypto market, it’s important to learn about different terminologies and stay updated with the latest trends. Understanding and knowing about crypto exchanges is also crucial to gaining knowledge about the market. The two main types are discussed below: Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are […]

What are Bitcoin Units and Denominations?

In the world of Bitcoin, there are very small currency units too just like USD have a “cent”, which is 1/100 part of the currency.⁠ BTC Units: Satoshi (SAT) = 0.00000001 BTC⁠bit (ubtc) = 0.000001 BTC⁠Millibit (mBTC) = 0.001 BTC⁠Centibit (cBTC) = 0.01 BTC⁠Decibit (dbtc) = 0.1 BTC⁠⁠Bitcoin (BTC) = […]

What are DAPPS?

A decentralized application is an application that has no centralized control and which runs on a distributed P2P network of computers.

What is a Network / Blockchain fee in crypto?

The Network / Blockchain fee is a cryptocurrency transaction fee that is charged to users when performing crypto transactions. The fee is collected by the network in order to process the transaction on the network. This fee is to ensure that network is not misused by making unnecessary transactions. The actual fee you […]

How an NFT is made?

Content is created and saved as a digital file. It could be a Photo, Video, Music, Etc The content is uploaded to an NFT auction market and “minted”, becoming a part of the blockchain. The NFT is then available for sale. The buyer receives the digital file as well as […]